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Duck and Goose "Pit" Blinds

    Quackertime Outfitters will custom build an all Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum "Pit" Blind, or an above ground Skid or Floating Blind to meet your Specifications. Prices will vary depending on the Erratic rise and fall on the steel market and the Specifications of the Blind ordered.

*** Handicap Accessible Blinds are available call for Pricing. ***

Pictures of "Pit Blinds" Below

12 Ft. CALL FOR ALL CURRENT PRICING!!! 10 Ga. Thickness 4 Ft. Deep  x 12 Ft. Length x   8 Ft. seating area.
14 Ft.    10 Ga. Thickness 4 Ft. Deep  x 14 Ft. Length x 10 Ft. seating area.
16 Ft.     10 Ga. Thickness 4 Ft. Deep  x 16 Ft. Length x 12 Ft. seating area.
18 Ft.   10 Ga. Thickness 4 Ft. Deep  x 18 Ft. Length x 14 Ft. seating area.
20 Ft.     10 Ga. Thickness 4 Ft. Deep  x 20 Ft. Length x 16 Ft. seating area
24 Ft.   10 Ga. Thickness 4 Ft. Deep x 24 Ft. Length x 20 Ft. seating area


Optional Accessories

Anchor kit.  
Shell  storage compartments.
Bilge pump box.  
Dry Storage under Dog Box (will hold 20 lb. Propane Bottle) CALL FOR ALL CURRENT PRICING!!!
Roll Tops "Prices depend on length of blind"  
Dog Box  
Different Metal Thickness Available  


 There is a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of purchase.

The other 50% will be paid up front at the time of delivery of the duck blind.

 We accept Check, Cash, And Money Orders.

*Call for avalibility of Delivery before ordering.


First Delivery Going to Tulsa Oklahoma.

    Front view of a pit in the field.



View from the air taken on the By-pass Inc hunting loge Sambo Slough in N.W. Missouri.

A  Pair of  many 20 Ft. Pits Purchased By By-Pass  Inc. a fellow Waterfowl Outfitter Located in NW Missouri. www.by-passhunt.com

Inside view of a Pit.